Selena Paper Ltd: sanitary – hygienic productsSelena Paper Ltd is well known as a manufacturer of sanitary – hygienic products. The main part of the production is intent on toilet paper, napkins handkerchiefs, kitchen rolls, medical rolls (paper sheets), which is being produced under officially registered trade mark “Selena” After the approving of the products on the market, more and more companies order under their trade mark - called “private label” production. This proves the faith in the products of Selena Paper Ltd.

Based on about 20 years experience in production of sanitary – hygienic products, the company starts to supply machines for handkerchiefs, napkins, toilet paper and kitchen rolls production, packing machines, cutting machines and etc.

The aim of Selena Paper Ltd is to keep the good quality of its production, to work over increasing of its technological and technical resources and to offer to market goods which to meet all clients’ requirements.

In its activity till today the company doesn’t betray to its working style regarding the distribution of the goods: direct contact to the clients. This is a guarantee for constructing of favorable frame for growth and solving of the problems and oversights.

Selena Paper Ltd is one of the biggest producers in its branch in Bulgaria. The company successfully realizes its production on the Bulgarian and International market.

The Company has been also involved as a supplier of hygiene products on the implementation of several humanitarian projects of Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Organization to ex Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Turkey, Chechnya, Haiti, Syria.